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Java Web Start & Browser Compatibility

The current version of CM/ECF at the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims now supports running via Java Web Start, which removes some depencencies on the internet browser that previously limited use to Internet Explorer 11 on Windows systems. At this time, CM/ECF has been tested to work using Web Start in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge on Windows systems, and Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on Macintosh systems. It is possible, but not recommended to use Safari on Macintosh, as it requires modifications to security settings.

For now, Windows users with Internet Explorer 11 may continue to use the second link above if they wish. All other users should use the first link to run CM/ECF via Java Web Start.

Note that your system may require additional configuration before Java Web Start will run smoothly. If you encounter problems, please visit the following link and download the Getting Started documentation for your system: CM/ECF Documentation & Training

If you have any questions or issues, please contact the e-filing Help Desk.

[ Posted May 13, 2019 ]