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General Docket
United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims
Case Number:15-2818 Docketed: 07/27/2015
Termed: 05/31/2017
Richard R. Doucette v. David J. Shulkin, M.D.
Appeal From: Department of Veteran Affairs
Fee Status: fee paid
Case Type Information:
     1) NOA - Veterans Appeal
     2) -
     3) -

09/01/2016 Open Document Appearance of Attorney(s) Barbara J Cook for party(s) Appellant Richard R. Doucette, in case 15-2818 as co-counsel (BJC)
09/02/2016 Open Document Appellee's supplemental memorandum of law in response to the Court's August 3, 2016, Order--[Edited 09/02/2016 by AMN] (RS)
09/02/2016 Open Document Appellant's response to the Court ord dated 08/03/2016--[Edited 09/02/2016 by AMN] (SDM)
10/20/2016 Open Document Appellant's Supplemental authorities under Rule 30(b). (SDM)
10/26/2016 Open Document Appearance of Attorney(s) Selket N Cottle for party(s) Appellee Robert A. McDonald, in case 15-2818 as co-counsel (SC)
11/02/2016    Case argued before Chief Judge Davis, Judges Lance and Schoelen (KEM)
03/06/2017 Open Document Opinion that the BVA decision is affirmed, SCHOELEN, Judge, dissenting: (DAVIS, LANCE and SCHOELEN) (D)
03/28/2017 Open Document Judgment (D)
05/31/2017 Open Document Mandate (D)
05/31/2017    Case Closed 15-2818 Mandate (D)