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General Docket
United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims
Case Number:17-2348 Docketed: 07/27/2017
Termed: 02/17/2021
Frank J. Kellogg v. Denis McDonough
Appeal From: Department of Veteran Affairs
Fee Status: dfh
Case Type Information:
     1) NOA - Veterans Appeal
     2) -
     3) -

07/20/2020 Open Document ORDERED that the Court will initiate an EAJA settlement conference on July 31, 2020, at 10:30 AM, Eastern Standard Time. See U.S. VET. APP. R. 33. Prior to the conference, the parties will confer by telephone or in person regarding the issues regarding the amount of fees and expenses sought by the appellant. The conference will be conducted by Andrew Parler Reynolds, Esq., of the Court's Central Legal Staff, and this conference may be rescheduled by the Court only upon a showing of good cause. The attorneys will consult with the parties they represent, and come prepared to report the results of their pre-conference meeting regarding the issues before the Court. Further, the parties will come to the conference possessing sufficient authority to reach a full settlement of the matter or to state that no settlement can be reached on the final terms proposed by the appellant or the Secretary. It is further ORDERED that proceedings are stayed pending further order of the Court. (D)
08/03/2020 Open Document ORDERED that, not later than 30 days after the date of this order, the parties file a dispositive pleading or pleadings resolving this matter or, in the alternative, notify the Court of the status of negotiations. It is further ORDERED that the matter is otherwise stayed pending further order of the Court. (CMB) (D)
09/02/2020 Open Document Appellant's response to the Court's ord dated 08/03/2020--[Edited 09/02/2020 by AMN] (TRG)
09/03/2020 Open Document ORDERED that the stay is lifted. It is further ORDERED that, within 30 days after the date of this order, the appellant may file an EAJA reply to the Secretary's response to the EAJA application. (CMB) (D)
10/05/2020 Open Document Appellant's reply to appellee's response to EAJA applic (TRG)
11/04/2020    Assigned case to Judge Toth for EAJA decision (KEM)
11/25/2020 Open Document Memorandum Decision that The veteran's April 28, 2020, EAJA application is GRANTED (TOTH) (D)
12/17/2020 Open Document EAJA Judgment (KEM)
02/17/2021 Open Document EAJA Mandate (D)
02/17/2021    Case Closed 17-2348 Mandate EAJA (D)