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General Docket
United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims
Case Number:18-4520 Docketed: 08/21/2018
Termed: 07/07/2020
Ricardo D. Stafford v. Robert L. Wilkie
Appeal From: Department of Veteran Affairs
Fee Status: dfh
Case Type Information:
     1) NOA - Veterans Appeal
     2) -
     3) -

03/02/2020 Open Document Appellant's notice Solze notice pursuant to V. Shinseki--[Edited 03/02/2020 by SM] (AD)
03/09/2020 Open Document Appellee's response to Appellant's February 24, 2020, Motion for an Order to Produce Material Relied on at Oral Argument--[Edited 03/10/2020 by SM] (MJH)
03/17/2020 Open Document Notice or other pleading by Appellant Solze notice (AD)
03/27/2020 Open Document Notice or other pleading by Appellee to the Court pursuant to Solze (MJH)
03/31/2020 Open Document Opposed motion of Appellant to consolidate case with Christensen, 18-3320 and Hughes, 18-5630--[Edited 04/01/2020 by SEY] (AD)
04/14/2020 Open Document Opposition by Appellee to Appellant's March 31, 2020 Motion to Consolidate Cases--[Edited 04/15/2020 by SEY] (MJH)
04/15/2020 Open Document ORDERED, by the PANEL, that the appeal of the Board's July 13, 2018, decision is DISMISSED as moot. It is further ORDERED that the appellant's February 24, 2020, motion to order the Secretary to produce material relied on at oral argument is denied as moot. Finally, it is ORDERED that the appellant's March 31, 2020, motion to consolidate his now-moot case with two other pending cases is also denied as moot (PIETSCH, GREENBERG and TOTH) (Greenberg, Judge, dissenting) (ARW)
05/07/2020 Open Document Judgment (KEM)
07/07/2020 Open Document Mandate (APS)
07/07/2020    Case Closed 18-4520 Mandate (APS)