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General Docket
United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims
Case Number:19-865 Docketed: 02/07/2019
Lewis R. Page v. Denis McDonough
Appeal From: Department of Veteran Affairs
Fee Status: dfh
Case Type Information:
     1) NOA - Veterans Appeal
     2) -
     3) -

01/21/2022 Open Document Record Before the Agency notice (SSH)
01/21/2022 Open Restricted Document Record of Proceedings Amended (SSH)
01/25/2022 Open Document Appellant's response to the Record Before the Agency (MH)
01/25/2022 Open Document Appellant's response to the Record of Proceeding (MH)
02/24/2022 Open Document The panel of judges established by this Court has determined that this appeal should proceed before a single judge. Upon consideration of the foregoing, it is ORDERED that the panel is dissolved and the matter will proceed before Judge Meredith as a single judge. On behalf of the panel, this case is returned to Judge Meredith. (DB)
02/24/2022    Assigned case to Judge Meredith (ARW)
02/24/2022 Open Document Memorandum Decision that after consideration of the parties' pleadings and a review of the record, the Board's October 22, 2018, decision denying a disability rating in excess of 70% for PTSD is VACATED, and the matter is REMANDED for further proceedings consistent with this decision. (MEREDITH) (GBG)
03/21/2022 Open Document Judgment (AF)
05/25/2022 Open Document Mandate (AF)
06/02/2022 Open Document Application for atty's fees under EAJA. (GRB)